Nitya's Journey

Nitya Diane Martino

Nitya Diane Martino

I am blessed to share my story with you.

I want to let you know that the life  you want is possible – If I can do it  ANYONE CAN !!!

 I have had many stressors, long time weight problems and body pain in my lifetime, The steps I share with you have taken me to a most wonderful place of energy focus and TRUE JOY of life.

The first stressor was the death of my mom at an early age. I lived with her mental illness for many years as a teen, until her suicide when I turned 19. Later in life my father died and then my husband (diabetes). So I do know about Stress.     

I was always an eater, growing up in an Italian family, and tried all kinds of diets in my early years. After my moms death I wound up in the hospital with appendicitis (it burst). A few years later I was mistreated for gastritis and had my gall bladder removed. boy was that painful too!  I went on to have scar tissue removed twice. 

Ok, so now more pain (& more pain)  that came in my late 40’s after being rear-ended twice in car accidents – The Universe was trying to get my attention.  At that time my whole life became Doctors. TMJ, Anti Depressants, Painkillers, Toxicity, Doctor appointments and more. I was a mess.

One day I decided “I am taking my life back”, and I did. I have healed myself – Body, Mind & Spirit – and I continue to live this path daily. I am ready to share my life experience with you.

My Inspirations & Training

I found a way to live a holistic lifestyle and have never looked back.

I have not been to a medical doctor (except for the 2011 surgery for scar tissue) since about 2000. That is when I began my Reflexology, Herbology, Physiology, and Nutrition Training with my first Teacher in this field Margabandhu, Viktoras Kulvinskas  ( &, followed by Reverend Jaganath Carrera & Later, in 2007, I discovered Mukunda Stiles (

I have many profound & inspirational teachers and I am gratitude to all of them

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