Marata M. Mother and Homemaker Bergen County, New Jersey

Marata M.

• Support, Encouragement & Non-judgmental attitude
• Nitya is a master of helping people help themselves.
• End of dependency on Pain Meds

I was very sick and over-medicated for at least 6 years. It took another 2 to 3 years to withdraw from all the poisons. It was during that time that I discovered Nitya’s yoga class at The Valley Hospital. When I first started taking Nitya’s classes, I felt very weak, overwhelmed and as though I would never feel better or gain any benefit from yoga. I stuck to it though because of Nitya’s encouragement and teaching style. Since Nitya has gone through her own trials and tribulations, she is a great example of what one can achieve through perseverance and honoring one’s body and abilities. You can see that she herself overcame obstacles that life had thrown in her path. And that is very inspiring.

While taking classes I also took private yoga therapy sessions with her at home to boost what I was doing in class and to narrow the focus of what I needed to do for myself. I was unable to sit cross-legged and every pose was painful. Twists were nearly impossible. In the middle of this the meds overwhelmed me and I spent 3 years in bed, literally. I could not get up.

That was the turning point for me. I got back to class and that was the beginning of the end of my dependence on doctors and drugs. With Nitya’s help, I learned how to breathe, focus on my breathing and on the messages that my body was sending me. I have learned how to isolate different parts of my body through focus and meditation.

I have also applied many things I have learned from Nitya into my day to day life. For example, when I hike uphill I hike heel first to protect my knees. This is just one example of how one can apply what one learns in Nitya’s yoga class to everyday life.

I have become much more flexible and have learned how to relieve pain in specific areas of my body by focusing my breath and stretching gently. My posture is 100% improved. I actually stand straight!

My eating habits have also improved. Slowly I have shifted the focus of every meal toward more plant (strong/based) choices and have given up things like soda, meat and processed foods. This is an ongoing process and challenge.

Nitya has also referred me to other (healers/practitioners) who use a (spiritual/holistic/natural) approach to healing. We forget that our bodies are one unit and all the parts have to heal to (become a more healthy entity/be a healthy whole).

With Nitya’s help I have achieved a level of life where I am comfortable in my body despite aches and pains. I continue because there is always more to improve on and because I know that Nitya will be there with the right kind of support I need at any time.

Nitya’s non-judgmental attitude, encouragement and ability to modify poses to one’s ability is key. She treats everyone with respect and as the individual with unique needs that they are.

I recommend Nitya to anyone who asks and even to those that don’t. The key is to be open to new ways of helping yourself. Nitya is the master of helping one help themselves.

Marta M.

Mother and Homemaker, Bergen County, New Jersey

Marata M. Mother and Homemaker Bergen County, New Jersey

Lynn M.

• Profound Experience an Extraordinary Teacher.
• Gain Emotional Strength through her Love and Understanding

Yoga and yoga therapy with Nitya is life changing !!! Be it physical or spiritual you will have a profound experience.

After breast cancer surgery I needed the physical aspects of stretching and moving to regain my full range of motion. The emotional strength I gained through Nitya’s love and understanding was more than I expected. She teaches us how to grow in our awareness of the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of our bodies and how to apply these principles each and every day as we move forward.

Learning how to move into quiet stillness has been beneficial. Learning how to breathe and bring our minds and bodies into harmony is a pattern for life. Nitya is an extraordinary teacher. Take time to experience her classes and private programs.

Lynn M.

EMT, Old Tappan, New Jersey

Lana J.

Lana J.

Dedicated and Caring –Yoga therapy has helped alleviate body pains & stress.

I have taken yoga classes with Nitya for many years. Yoga has helped alleviate body pains and stress. Plus, Nitya is an excellent, dedicated and caring holistic yoga therapist and teacher!

Lana J.

Semiretired Teacher, Paramus, New Jersey

Caringly Meets YOUR Needs & Concerns – Highly Knowledgeable

Nitya is a wonderful yoga therapist!!! She really cares about her students.

I have Parkinson’s and Nitya takes the time to know her student’s name and gear lessons to meet her student’s and clients needs and concerns. She is very knowledgeable and has helped me increase my strength and balance. She concentrates on good form with safety in mind. We work on breathing techniques, stretching, sun salutations, etc.

You will love her class. I highly recommend her.

Barbara B.

Realtor/Parkinson Patient, Saddle River, New Jersey

Improved my quality of life! I would Highly Encourage others to work with her.

I have been taking yoga classes with Nitya for eight plus years. When I started I was recovering from a serious car accident. After completing extensive physical therapy I was still stiff and unable to move my body the way I could prior to the accident. By following Nitya’s holistic yoga practices I now can move with ease in my daily life. The classes have given me the tools to strengthen my muscles. They are very therapeutic and relaxing.

Nitya’s classes have improved my quality of life and I would encourage others to try one of her classes. I have recommended a number of friends to Nitya and they are now enjoying her classes as well. I’m sure you will continue to take Nitya’s classes if you try one.

Fran T.

Tax Consultant, Bergen County, New Jersey

Nitya’s classes have helped ease the pain I have from Fibromyalgia.

I have Fibromyalgia and I have been taking yoga classes with Nitya for quite a few years.  Nitya’s yoga classes and personal guidance have helped my condition by easing the pain and making me more flexible and relaxed.  Nitya is a very knowledgeable instructor and yoga therapist, always reassuring and reminding you to do only what feels comfortable.

 I am very satisfied with the results.

Laly A.

Bergen County, New Jersey

Immense Gratitude – Best decision for my health and well-being.

I have to express my gratefulness for Nitya’s “personal touch.” Last night was the first night in over a month that I slept really well. While there is still numbness in my right foot, Nitya’s class and individualized attention, brought back feeling into my heel.

“Nitya, your class is the best decision I’ve made for my health and well-being. It is the best day of my week! Immense gratitude.”

Laura C.

Provides Necessary Sensory Input and Structure to our Special Needs Community

It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation for Nitya Martino. Nitya has been providing yoga lessons for the New Beginnings Annex program for the past five years. She is kind, caring, knowledgeable and very responsive to all of our student’s needs. Nitya is currently working with students ages 3 to 15. Currently, the students she works with are on the Autism Spectrum, Down Syndrome and or other multiple disabilities. Nitya provides the necessary sensory input and structure that our students need to thrive in there day to day routine at school. All of the students enjoy their time with Nitya and have come so far since she began working with us.

I highly recommend Nitya to work with all ages and provide her calming yoga experience. She has become an important and vital asset to our school program.

Jodie C.

Program Coordinator, New Beginnings Annex /Children on the Spectrum

I have had tremendous pain relief.

I cannot thank Nitya enough for helping me with my neck and shoulder pain with her yoga class. I have had tremendous pain relief.


ER Nurse, Bergen County

Caring, Inspiring, and Extremely Knowledgeable

I am grateful to have found Nitya Diane many years ago. Through reflexology and components of her in depth Peace Maintenance Programs, she has been extremely supportive through the years. Finding solutions to stress and anxiety is something that she excels at. I am an extremely busy executive and entrepreneur in the finance field and Nitya Diane is extremely accommodating with my busy schedule. I have a great deal of stress from the pressure of owning multiple businesses and I cannot overstate how much she has helped me reduce my stress and tension.

Robert L.

Bergen County

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