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Intention Cards 2017

  Creative Energy Starts HERE Finding your Hearts Desire Discovering your Life's Purpose Delve deep Connect to your TRUE NATURE with INTENTION CARDS FOR 2017   Each card is blessed with the highest of good of Intention for the individual. Start with some meditation on...

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Creative Energy

  The Essence of Creative Energy         ~ Part I Where does Creative Energy come from ? Where does Creative Energy go to ? Why does it need to come from or go to anywhere? It just IS a constant, ever shifting. Creative Energy Effects The Body As the feeling of...

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Ginger Tea Recipe YUMMY ~ Plus 11 Benefits

  Ginger Tea Recipe YUMMY ~ Plus 11 Benefits Organic Ginger Tea   Make this SIMPLE recipe and REAP the amazing healing benefits !!! BENEFITS:             Strengthens Immunity             Relieves Nausea, heartburn             Digestion-Helps cleanse and stimulate the...

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Eat Your ARILS!

Have you had ARILS latley? What a really spectacular piece of Nature, the beauty of the whole design, Inside & Out … NOW meditate on that for a while "The Wonder of the Pomegranate" Shape, Taste, design of the seeds, & more! The skin of the pomegranate is thick and...

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Zucchini Noodles w/ Rosemary Mushrooms & Peppers

Rosemary Mushrooms with Peppers over Noodles (Zucchini)/Vegan First spiral two Organic medium zucchinis Sauté half a Organic red onion sliced and three cloves of garlic sliced and a teaspoon of Organic Dried Rosemary and a 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon of organic Tumeric...

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Some Days YOU Have To Surrender !!

Stress and Anxiety Solution for Calm and RelaxationI wanted to share this with you as a reminder that you are not alone in what is going on right now in our world. I am here to support you if needed and hold space for all.The times we are in are so intense and I am...

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Stress Less ~ Create Space

Holistic Health & Wellness      Stressing Less is easier when you clear and create space in your environment as well as your mind and body.  Creating space in your environment is obvious. Get rid of what no longer serves you, what you don’t use any more, (or have not...

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Happy New Year 2016

Reach for the Stars ~ The Life You Desire I wish for you all the positive things you wish for yourself in the NEW YEAR ! Take the Action to make it the LIFE YOU DESIRE & DESERVE ! YOU ARE WORTH IT I want to share my Love & Gratitude with all of you for the lessons I...

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Your Space Is Only Temporary

Relaxation tips for holiday Traffic, Shopping, & All the REST.Our space is only Temporary SO CHILL-LAX.......(chill & relax)This holiday season as you wait for that HOLY GRAIL of parking spots. ….. (Since you have been lucky enough to find one in the first place after...

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Nitya’s Raw Organic Asian Kale Salad

  I waned to share my much-loved Raw Organic Kale Recipe, because your health and welling is important to me and it tastes so Great ! I mean I LOVE it --- the BEST thing is people who are not into the RAW, VEGAN, and GLUTEN FREE  ~ Love it too. It s my go to for all...

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LOVE  & THANK YOUWith love and gratitude I want to wish everybody a blessed andHappy Thanksgiving !We're all so very blessed and I feel very blessed and lucky to have people like you in my life.I just wanted to show the love and respect on this day and know it's there...

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Positive Mindset for Health & Happiness

Hey Happy Monday........Having a positive mindset will actually create a greater sense of happiness in your LIFE.....We are what we think.  So on this Monday morning the beginning of a new month, a new week, a new day, a new hour, Keep it positive. You also create...

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Welcome to my new Website

New Beginnings on the JourneyNew beginnings are given to us every day, we are given this opportunity of the Present moment constantly if we pay attention, to begin anew.Some New beginnings we prepare for and some are just thrown in our lap and we need to adapt. This...

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Nitya The Artist

Nitya creates her own visual art on paper, canvas, and clothing, what ever is available. She is ecstatic while making colorful energy art inspired by divine views, nature, music and life all around her. Really all that life has to offer. She loves being the tool...

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Stay Healthy ~ Stay HappyWelcome to the gentle onset of fall, which also means we can continue that awesome healthy feeling that summer imparts to us as we begin healthy habits. One Simple Change at a TimeWarm Water & Lemon Upon Waking Up Alkalizes the body removes...

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