Creative Energy Experience 11-5-17

Self Love Through the Creative Energy Experience


C-IAYT, CSYT,  Artist

Latest Studies Conclude: “Employers find CREATIVITY to be the most important attribute in perspective employees”


A Creative Energy Experience ~ Its Benefits and Blessings


  • Quiet your inner Critic
  • Learn to treat yourself as well as you treat others
  • Create more Uplifting self-thought and Acceptance
  • Learn how to create and implement more Positive self-talk and vision?

In this experiential program we will unlock the doors to greater Self Love, Self Worth and Self Gratitude.

It all starts within. Lets do the inner self work and have fun too.

Bringing you to:

  • More Fruitful Life
  • Deeper understanding
  • Greater Presence in the Moment
  • Joy-Filled Experiences


  • Have Great Fun
  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety
  • Exploration & Investigation
  • Opening to Creative Problem Solving
  • Better Communication and Self Expression
  • Be Wonder Struck !!!

Practices are the core practices to accessing the Full flow of Creative Energy. Activating centers and areas of the brain that are not always fully utilized to their fullest potential. Accessing more of the Mind ~ Body capacity. Having a larger more expansive use of the innate intelligence that already exists within us.

Art – Asana – Breath – Meditation – Mindfulness – Mudra – Yoga Sutras/Teaching                                                                           Allow all the extraneous clutter of the day to day to cease as we light up the Brain as well as our Energy body. Opening to more True – Self Love Accessing higher more creative intuitive solutions to seemingly impossible scenarios.

Suppression of Creative Energy shows up as

  • Stress
  • Addiction
  • Anger
  • Frustration
  • Depression
  • All boils down to Fear

Using the practices I guide you through specifically designed for you & your group.

Creating Inspirational and meaningful pieces such as: Joy Jars ~ Collaging ~ Paintings ~ Blessing  Box’s ~ Journaling

Investment: $66.00     Open to Everyone!

Supplies included and you may also bring some of your own if you wish.

Pre-Registration Recommended

Nitya is a Certified Yoga Therapist, CSYT, C-IAYT and an Artist. Bringing the benefits of these two powerful modalities together to help heal, feel and express.