Creative Energy

The Essence of Creative Energy         ~ Part I

Where does Creative Energy come from ?

Where does Creative Energy go to ?

Why does it need to come from or go to anywhere?

It just IS a constant, ever shifting.

Creative Energy Effects The Body

As the feeling of accomplishment overtakes us – We create the Chemistry of our Body & Mind – we begin to manufacture the positive chemicals and hormones that improve mood and balance the being that we are.


What is Creative Energy ?

~ Creative Energy it is an intangible that has our tangible connection to Stardust, and our infinite availability to unlimited potential and possibilities. Scientists have proven that we are made from Stardust.

~ The Spark that enters you and makes you Sparkle, Awakens potential in you to have fun, manifest, thrive and to make something unique only you can create – Something that never existed before. A piece of Art, a meal, or a new invention just to name a few of the limitless possibilities …….

~ Allowing Source to flow in so you can get the guidance as to where to go and what is your gift to share. It unlocks the deepest knowing of what your true purpose on the planet is in the scope of life assessment.


Blessings to ALL ~ Peace to ALL

LOVE Nitya


What allows us to ~ how do we ~ access creative energy ?

    What does creative energy feel like ?

        What is it we accomplish by tapping into it,

            When we meet our own Creative Energy ?