Art of the Soul

Create Art For the Soul. These classes are unique and individual to you. The fun of making art, writing, singing, listening to music and even dancing a bit, doing some Yoga stretching and breathing to open the energy channels before delving into the process of a fun time of creating.

painting by Nitya Martino

painting by Nitya Martino


Feel the openness, freedom and joy you felt as a kid.
Unleash your inner child.
Mandala Collage by Nitya
  • Collage classes
  • Journaling and art books
  • Story telling
  • Multi-media projects
  • Art to the Music
  • Mandalas
  • Adult Coloring

Classes run anywhere from 2-4 hours and are full sensory experiences.


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Custom programs and private sessions are also available. Contact Nitya for rates.
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Swami Cat

Illustrated by Nitya Martino