Nitya The Artist

Nitya Martino, Artist

Nitya creates her own visual art on paper, canvas, and clothing, what ever is available. She is ecstatic while making colorful energy art inspired by divine views, nature, music and life all around her. Really all that life has to offer. She loves being the tool /instrument facilitating divine transmissions of higher realms through divine guidance as she transfers them to mere paper, fabric or other surface. Her own unique view of ALL the worlds as she sees them allows her to creatively emit her, Art of the Soul. Being a channel to create whatever comes through her and feeling very humbly BLESSED to have been chosen to do so.

Also facilitating yoga and creative art classes for the soul, inspiring others. Bringing abundant Peace Joy and Happiness trough creativity

Nitya is the illustrator for “Swami Cat Says” available on Amazon and co-facilitates Swami Cat Play Dates teaching the art section of the program.

Private, Semi Private, Group

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Private, Semi-Private and Group sessions available.