Nitya’s Raw Organic Asian Kale Salad

I waned to share my much-loved Raw Organic Kale Recipe, because your health and welling is important to me and it tastes so Great !
I mean I LOVE it — the BEST thing is people who are not into the RAW, VEGAN, and GLUTEN FREE  ~ Love it too. It s my go to for all holiday parties and I love it  when I am getting back on track after a big holiday meal.
Here are some of the crazy great benefits you can get too
I suggest that you really try to buy Organic when you can
I have lots of variations on this recipe all with great health benefits & YUMMMY TOO…….

Raw Organic Asian Kale Salad

1 Nice Size Bunch –Organic Kale Washed De-vein tear into bite size pieces                                                                                        Organic Sesame Oil
Organic Low Sodium Tamari (Wheat Free soy sauce) Organic Brown Rice Vinegar
1 – 2 Clove of Garlic Minced ( or more to taste )                                         Fresh Ground Black Pepper Lots or (to taste)

Mirin Wine (slightly sweet)
Toss and mix well— taste then adjust to your taste

Before serving sprinkle with Sesame Seeds

Let sit for at least an hour before serving — will last for 2-3 days no problem—
People who don’ like raw food or salad LOVE THIS                                                                                                                                    Make this in good health  ~  LOVE Nitya

Kale is one of the BEST Greens for you, and especially ORGANIC & RAW

•    Can Helps with weight loss  
    ~Imagine 165 calories in 5 Cups that will fill you up !!!!
•    Kale is most nutrient dense.
•    Filled with a powerhouse of anti oxidant’s,
•    Over 10 vitamins and minerals can lower cholesterol, which in turn reduces the risk of heart disease,
•    Best source of vitamin K.
•    Lots of Super cancer fighting components.
•    High in Beta Carotene.
•    Great for eye health
•    Healthy Skin, hair  & strong bomes
•    33 calories, one cup of raw kale  
•    Nearly 3 grams of protein.
•    2.5 grams of fiber
•    Vitamins A, C, and K.
At the end of the day spinach cannot even come close to the nutrients that KALE  provides.