Peace Maintenance for Caregivers

Stress Management for Caregivers


C-IAYT, CSYT,  Artist

When: Wednesday December 6th @ 6:30pm

Note: Come Join Us


Where: Louis Bay 2nd Library          345 Lafayette Ave. Hawthorne NJ, 07506

Investment: Your time for your health & well being


To experience Breathing &  Mindfulness Its Benefits and Blessings

Explore what arises ~

Peace Maintenance is a holistic program, designed  to incorporate simple  key practices and lifestyle components. This program is designed to give you tools to maintain peace and calm in stressful situations and environments.

Maintaining Peace and being Stress and Anxiety free is the goal of all beings. I allow you to find the ways that help you to your goal of Peace Maintenance.

Practices are done in an experiential way, allowing the client to find which experience resonates with them. Since people all learn in different ways each way of learning is addressed, auditory, visual, kinesthetic, tactile

“Stress is a Fact of Life” allow this program, unique to you and your individual needs, to teach you how to Maintain Your Peace”

Register Here: For ALL  the Fun ,,,,,,,Hawthorne Public Library  Either online, in person or by phone 973-427-5745


SIMPLY, Love All Serve All