Peace Maintenance

Peace Maintenance is a holistic program, designed  to incorporate simple  key practices and lifestyle components. This program is designed to give you tools to maintain peace and calm in stressful situations and environments.

Peace Maintenance: relieve anxiety for health, longevity and happiness.

Peace Maintenance

Peace Maintenance will teach you:

Peace Maintenance
  • Breath
  • Mindset
  • Creativity
  • Nutrition
  • Meditation
  • Hydration
  • Guided Imagery
  • Lifestyle Assessment
  • Exercise, Movement, Yoga
  • Laughter, Fun

Maintaining Peace and being Stress and Anxiety free is the goal of all beings. I allow you to find the ways that help you to your goal of Peace Maintenance.

Practices are done in an experiential way, allowing the client to find which experience resonates with them. Since people all learn in different ways each way of learning is addressed, auditory, visual, kinesthetic, tactile

“Stress is a Fact of Life” allow this program, unique to you and your individual needs, to teach you how to Maintain Your Peace”

Each module of the program contains different practices, exercises and handouts designed for the individual or group.

The physical manifestation of stress is dis-ease

Programs are specifically designed for each individual or group incorporating modules to suit the unique needs of the client/clients

Custom programs and private sessions are also available. Contact Nitya for rates.

Private, Semi-Private and Group ~ In person, Telephone, Teleconference, Skype.

stress solutions
  • Learn To Make Choices That Produce Less Stress
  • Mindset Techniques To Create Positive Results
  • Simple Steps For Living A Peaceful Life
  • Meditation – Visualization And Guided Imagery
  • Support To Manage Your Progress
  • Healthy Recreation Opportunities

Stress and Anxiety Solutions educates individuals as to how stress begins and how to manage stress through the physiologically and medically proven techniques of Peace Maintenance. Through this program you can access the tools you need to respond rather than to react to stressful events and also heal your body and your mind from the effects of stress. And yes stress begins in the mind and the approach to stress relief begins with the body as well as the mind.

People experience stress and anxiety in some way every day. They don’t know exactly where or when it started, why it is so pervasive or how to find the relief they need to enjoy a happier healthier life.

Peace Maintenance is a complete step-by-step stress and anxiety solution program designed to meet your individual needs with consideration given to maximize your lifestyle priorities.


I create manuals that are life lesson plans for happier and healthier lives, which is something we didn’t receive when we were born.

Your plan will guide you to live a healthy lifestyle, empowering you to meet your goals and aspirations.

You will have a simple to follow, step-by-step Peace Maintenance™ “manual” for your life goals, family dynamics, career path and aspirations.

Stress is one of the leading contributors to heart disease, obesity, depression, lack of sleep and early death. Stress is a constant in all our lives. Learning how to deal with stress effectively and efficiently creates a healthier environment in the body and the mind.

There will always be stress in our lives and learning how to defuse stress before it becomes a problem that can lessen our abilities to have a happy healthy life is what I can educate you to do with a Peace Maintenance program.

As a Stress and Anxiety Solutions Educator, I am here to guide you in making your transition to a healthier and happier life.

Custom programs and private sessions are also available. Contact Nitya for rates.

Private, Semi-Private and Group ~ In person, Telephone, Teleconference, Skype.

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