Meditation’s long-standing benefits of will improve focus, productivity, and create a sense of happiness, peace and well-being. Meditation can also reduce depression and increased attention. This program will assist individuals in learning the basics of meditation and how to create a personal program and practice. For those more advanced, it will help grow and expand a current practice. Program courses range from 4 weeks and on.



We will discuss what you do when the mind wanders as well as explore where the thoughts arise from and how to approach these thoughts and how to deal with them.

Breathing practices are used to prepare the mind and different meditation techniques explored.

Studies show people who meditate 25 minutes a day or more have less stress and more productivity. Your brain actually increases in size as you meditate regularly.

In this meditation program you will learn:

stress solutions
  • Why should I Meditate?
  • How to get started
  • When to meditate

  • Techniques

  • Practices

  • Create your own practice

  • What to do with the thoughts

One to One Programs are “Adapted to the needs of the Individual”.
Programs can be tailored for Corporate settings.

Meditation Programs are a minimum of 4 weeks programs to derive the greatest benefit from the practices presented.

Custom programs and private sessions are also available. Contact Nitya for rates.

Private, Semi-Private and Group ~ In person, Telephone, Teleconference, Skype.

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