SYT Classes

Structural Yoga Therapy Classes


Where: The Body Image Boutique


 Learning to FEEL & HEAL in each movement
DEEP Relaxation Rounds out EVERY Class

something more personal and inviting

In class we will explore awareness and alignment to strengthen muscles that support joints and FEEL YOUR BODY.
This has profound positive effect on Pain Relief, Relaxation and safe alignment in movement, Asana and daily activities
Focusing on different areas – Lower back, Neck, Shoulders, Digestion, Relaxation, core awareness, and other anomalies.
Come have Fun & Learn about YOU !
Breath ~ Mindfulness ~ Relaxation ~ Strength ~ Joy
Structural Yoga Therapy™ adapts yoga to the client’s unique needs. �It respects the to address the client’s pain and discomfort brought on by body body’s innate capacity to recognize safe, healthy movement and healing. When health is optimal, there is a natural balance of muscle strength and range of motion. But illness, injury and structural anomalies can disrupt that harmony. Structural Yoga therapists design a unique yoga program for misalignment or injury.
Conditions that can improve with a Structural Yoga Therapy practice include:
• Physical manifestations of stress
• Scoliosis
• Back pain
• Sciatica
• Sports injuries
• Asthma
• MS
• Neck pain
• High blood pressure
• Rotator cuff injuries
• The negative effects of cancer therapies
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