The Stress & Anxiety Solution Project

Feb 25, 2016  7-8:30pm

Learn a Simple Proven 3 – part process to:
~ Be Calmer
~ Think Clear
~ Restful Sleep
~ Better Digestion
~ More productive
~ Less pain in the body
~ Achieve greater health
~ A stronger immune system
~ Find your happiness factor!

Medically proven reasons why relaxation techniques as simple as breathing and focus are so beneficial to your overall health (organs, muscles, mind, hair, skin, joints).

How does stress affect the body and why Stress Reduction is vital to your Health, Longevity & Wellness.

Great Bonuses

Immediately start the Process

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LOCATION: The Unitarian Society of Ridgewood  113 Cottage Place Ridgewood NJ

$44.00 Advance / $55.00 Day Of

72 hour Cancellation policy