Welcome to my new Website

Art & Soul

New Beginnings on the Journey

New beginnings are given to us every day, we are given this opportunity of the Present moment constantly if we pay attention, to begin anew.

Some New beginnings we prepare for and some are just thrown in our lap and we need to adapt. This new representation of what I am about at this point in time has come into being over the past several years serving humanity. I have listened, observed, held space, prayed, played, painted, meditated, practiced Yoga Therapy, led a holistic life, danced LIVED LIFE and this is is my life’s work and purpose to the planet. Helping to heal the only and best way I know how ……..Through my own experiences and practices which all continue to evolve. 

Now I will share with you my journey through this beautiful new site that represents me so well NOW. This will be a growing space for you as well as me.

I want to thank my MAGNIFICENT web designer Lois Reed for the labor of love this is. Grateful for Loisreed.com.

Begin the Journey Now  …

 Thank You & Blessings,