Yoga Therapy For Upper Body 1-27

Get Rid of Neck & Shoulder Pain


C-IAYT, CSYT,  Artist

When:  SAT – January 27th  @ 12:00n-2:00p

Where: The Body Image Boutique  96 East Allendale Road
Saddle River, NJ 07458
Phone: 201-708-8448

Investment: $44.00

Structural Yoga Therapy for the Upper Body and Core ~ Relax those shoulders and get rid of the pain in your neck

To experience Creative Strength, Stretch & Mindfullness


Get rid of that Pain in the Neck & More !

Strength ~ Awareness ~ Pain Relief

Be Part of Your Own Healing With Structural Yoga Therapy

Align Upper Body- Neck, Shoulders, Back & Core ! YES The Core

Have the experience of healthy safe movement while gaining a greater awareness of the self. Discern feelings of strength, stretch and true connection in Asana, which extend to your daily activities such as standing, walking, sitting, and bending.

Learn how to strengthen the weakest muscles to relieve pain and gain strength.

Structural Yoga Therapy™ adapts yoga to the client’s unique needs. 
It respects the body’s innate capacity to recognize safe, healthy movement and healing. When health is optimal, there is a natural balance of muscle strength and range of motion. But illness, injury and structural anomalies can disrupt that harmony. Structural Yoga therapists design a unique yoga program to address the client’s pain and discomfort brought on by body misalignment or injury.

Investment – $44.00  

“With Great Respect & Love,
I Honor My HEART My inner Teacher” ~  Mukunda Stiles
Love All Serve All