Your Space Is Only Temporary

Relaxation tips for holiday Traffic, Shopping, & All the REST.

Our space is only Temporary
SO CHILL-LAX…….(chill & relax)

This holiday season as you wait for that HOLY GRAIL of parking spots. ….. (Since you have been lucky enough to find one in the first place after sitting in the traffic to just finally getting to the mall).
JUST BREATHE ~ Remember it is about the spirit of the season.
 Yes the giving is important, and you want that experience to have good Vibes on the gifts that you give. Leave that feeling of OVERWHELM in the parking lot and let it wander around by itself and walk into traffic and away with it !!! (it won’t be there when you return). Replace it with LOVE, JOY & GRATITUDE, the fact is that you have a family/ friends to buy for in the first place, and share the true meaning of Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza or what ever else you celebrate. That’s the point, LOVE & Community
 SMILE AT PEOPLE ~ Yes it is contagious ….
 (Just don’t Hug them…. Help: Security !!!)
When you get back to the car, remember that space you waited for, IT was only temporary and now you have LET IT GO. Just like that feeling that is still wandering around on the Highway out in traffic, near the mall….. Dispersed and to BE NO MORE.
 I wish you Laughter, Love, Joy & Gratitude.

 Enjoy the season and “LOVE ALL, SERVE ALL” “Swami Sivananda”